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Brand Tru-Stay Adhesive Pads, Large Sterile Bandage

Brand Tru-Stay Adhesive Pads, Large Sterile Bandage

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  • Rubber
  • Greater comfort and flexibility for better protection
  • Improved material for better protection
  • Breathable protection
  • Nonstick padwon't stick to wound for gentle removal
  • Long lastingunique adhesive and material help bandage stay in place

In 1920, Earle Dickson, a cottonbuyer for Johnson & Johnson noticed his wife suffering from minor cuts and burns while cooking. Combining cotton with a piece of surgical tape, he created a new solution that protected her wounds, and sped their healing. His insight led to the creation of BandAid Adhesive Bandages. We've been innovating to protect cuts and scrapes ever since. There, for countless moments of caring. Thanks for buying BandAid brand adhesive bandages.

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